This cycle is seldom used by people to dry their clothes. In fact, most people are not even sure what it is used for. To help you understand the obscure Air Fluff cycle, Rosedale Service, a dryer specialist in Chadds Ford, has prepared the following article. Be sure to give them a call if you have any question.

Unlike other dryer cycles, which produce warm air around the drum to remove moisture and dry the clothes fast, the air fluff cycle does not require heat. The cycle automatically turns off the heating element or and uses room temperature air to gently dry the clothes.

The cycle is gentle on clothes and will remove water from delicate fabrics just by shifting them around the drum. Some fabrics and items can be so delicate that even the air fluff cycle should be avoided and clothes should be hung to dry as there is still a rotating drum inside. The difference is that the heat is turned off. For extremely delicate pieces of clothing and garments, you should not use the dryer.

However, the air fluff cycle can be very efficient on delicate clothes. The cycle uses no heat (as you can guess with its name) and no intense spinning. With light air and smooth shifting, clothes float around until they become dry. This cycle is useful for fabric preservation and delicate garments.

A negative aspect of the air fluff cycle is that the dryer has to run for a longer time in order to get clothes dry. It is therefore better to use it when you have a single load or a small amount of clothes to dry. The time it takes to dry a full load of clothes on air fluff mode is usually way to long for you to consider it.

The air fluff cycle can also have a different name (air dry, for instance). Refer to your instruction manual for specifics on each cycle.The name of the cycle can vary from air dry, fluff and other similar variations.

If your dryer heats up during the air fluff cycle, that’s a problem. Do call us if you need a Chadds Ford appliance repair company to service your dryer or any of your home appliances. They will make sure everything is perfect in no time.