Microwave Repair

rosedale service testimonial

“They came the following day after I called, on time. Craig the serviceman was clean, polite…and smart. He fixed our microwave without having to order parts. He had everything he needed with him. Highly recommended!”

— Michael H.

Dishwasher Repair

rosedale service testimonial

“Needed a repair of our ten-year-old Bosch dishwasher. Craig did a very good job for a reasonable price. Craig arrived in a timely fashion and was very professional. I recommend their services.”

— Al P.

Thermador Oven Repair

rosedale service testimonial

“Rosedale is the last of the Real Deal appliance repair services – led by a real appliance pro who will take on any project. You can bring in small appliances which is unheard of elsewhere – most appliance places tell you to buy a new one. They worked on a dehumidifier that wouldn’t turn on – found out that it just needed something trivial and didn’t charge for it.

I also had them come work on my Thermador oven which had lost the digital display for temperature and others had told me it wasn’t worth fixing because it would be $750+. Rosedale fixed it for $350 ~ and while they did have a problem with breaking apart while fixing it they made good on the whole thing.”
We need this kind of business and we need more people going into the trades so we can stop throwing out appliances instead of fixing them!!”

— Barbara H.